Who We Are

Mission Statement

The DC Recovery Community Alliance (DCRCA) focuses on providing individuals with the necessary skills, knowledge, and abilities to guide, mentor and support others in their journey towards long term recovery. The organization’s Mission is to provide sustained personal, organizational, and community wellness and recovery to the people of the District of Columbia through service, education and training, advocacy, and celebration.

What We Do

DCRCA provides support for people seeking wellness and recovery from the effects of substance use and/or mental health challenges in a safe and affirming environment. Individuals come together in their communities, receive one-to-one peer support, obtain information and life skills helpful to their individual path to wellness and recovery, and make a difference in the lives of others in recovery.


DCRCA is sensitive to the differences among ethnic, racial, and linguistic groups and has understanding and awareness of how people’s cultural backgrounds, beliefs, traditions, socioeconomic status, history, and other factors affect their needs and how they respond to services generally used to describe interventions or practices. Nearly all of DCRCA’s recovery support services (RSS) providers are in long-term recovery. Our coaches are in continuous training to increase their knowledge base and share recovery life experiences and best practices.

Meet Our Team

Board Members

Donna Potts

President of the DCRCA Board of Directors.

Donna Potts is an experienced communications executive with a broad background in public affairs disciplines, grassroots political organizing, community outreach, arts advocacy and support for returning citizens and the recovering community.

A native Washingtonian, Ms. Potts has held leadership positions throughout her career in the District government and the nonprofit sector including the Shakespeare Theatre at the Folger, the American Red Cross, For Love of Children, the Washington Convention Center Authority, and the Democratic National Committee. At the Shakespeare Theatre she helped develop the inaugural community arts presentation, Shakespeare, Free for All, which achieved critical acclaim as a community presentation for traditional Shakespeare for non-traditional audiences performed at the legendary Carter Barron Amphitheater. She is a former member of the DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities and was the first president of the Friends of Carter Barron and today, continues to support the efforts to reopen the famous amphitheater.

Currently, she is president of the board of the DC Recovery Community Alliance (DCRCA) which supports sustained recovery for DC citizens who suffer with alcohol and substance use disorder and has secured funding to open the first peer operated Recovery Support Center in the District of Columbia for returning citizens. This is known as the Peer Operated Center for Excellence (POCE) and has significance as an opportunity for recovering individuals to have training as recovery coaches, to engage with others who seek recovery, to server the provider community as well as the community at-large to educate and advocate for sustained recovery in the District of Columbia.

DeWayne Barnes

Vice President of the DCRCA Board of Directors

DeWayne Barnes is the Vice President of the DCRCA Board of Directors.

Johnny Allem

Board Member

Johnny Allem brings 35 years of personal recovery and leadership as a national advocate for addiction recovery. A co-founder of Faces and Voices of Recovery, and former Deputy Commissioner of the DC Mental Health system, he currently leads Aquila Recovery Clinics, an outpatient recovery clinic he founded that features integrated care.

His career includes five decades of civic, political, business and healthcare interests. As the President of the Johnson Institute, a policy organization, Mr. Allem developed and conducted training for more than 3,000 “Recovery Ambassadors.” Allem’s addiction recovery story is featured in Gary Stromberg’s book: Second Chances: Top Executives Share Their Stories of Addiction and Recovery.”

Anna Mable-Jones CPRS, NCPRSS

Founding member of DCRCA

Anna Mable-Jones CPRS, NCPRSS is an Oxford House Resource Coordinator in DC and Maryland, a nonprofit network of 2,684 (internationally) self-help recovery
homes. She assisted in opening 43 DC/MD Oxford Houses. She is a woman in long term recovery who has been in recovery since 1999 and has worked with Oxford House, Inc. since 2000, recipient of the 2005 Oxford House Founders Award. Anna is a true ambassador for women in recovery. She radiates the power of recovery and transformation every day. Anna is a trainer in Wellness Recovery Action Plan Facilitator and CCAR Recovery Coaching Trainer. Anna is in here 4th year training to become a Core Energetics Practitioner. She has had many opportunities to work with community organizations and leaders to promote the societal benefits of
prevention, treatment and recovery for substance abuse and mental illness. One of Anna’s passions in life is to be a continuous educator of hope and persistence and shares her experiences freely. Along with devoting her spirited knowledge to Oxford House, she has also created a successful 12-Step bible study called Life Recovery at her local church. Anna is also a Reiki Master Teacher and a founding member of District of Columbia Recovery Community Alliance (DCRCA).

Charlotte Holloman

Board Member


John Howard

Damian Cooke

Rob Wilson

Rev. Frank D. Tucker


Mark Lassiter

Interim Executive Director to Staff

Chris Powell

Recovery Coach Manager

Chris Powell is the recovery coach manager an integral member of the DCRCA Team. He provides direction to the coaches and strategic support to community partners.

David Mays

Community Outreach Coordinator

David Mays shares the responsibility of community asset building, educating and providing valuable resources to DCRCA and its clients.

Thelma Parks

Office Manager

Thelma Parks is a valuable member of the staff. She supports the board, staff & coaches, as they serve the District of Columbia.

Brian Person

Community Outreach Coordinator

Brian Person shares the responsibility of community asset building, educating and providing valuable resources to DCRCA and its clients, and will focus on Returning Citizens.

Donna Doolin

Grants and Development

Donna Doolin is an integral member of the DCRCA Team. She provides strategic support to the organization.

DCRCA Coaches

Demetrius Jones

Recovery Coach

Demetrius Jones is a Recovery Coach with a background in...

Sheila Williams

Recovery Coach

Sheila Williams is a Recovery Coach with a background in...

Larry Bing

Recovery Coach

Larry Bing is a Recovery coach with a background with returning citizens and opioid use recovery support.

Edmund Smith

Recovery Coach

Edmund Smith is a Recovery Coach with a background in...

Mozell Brown

Recovery Coach

Mozell Brown is a Recovery Coach with a background in...

Jay Pimble

Recovery Coach

Jay Pimble is a Recovery Coach with a background in...

Mark Johnson

Recovery Coach

Mark Johnson earned his Bachelor of Science in Communications from Bowie State in 2015, and his Associates in Applied Sciences in addictions counseling from Anne Arundel Community College in 2019. He has lived in Oxford houses for the past 20 months, and works as a resource coordinator for the District of Columbia. In 2020, Mark will be entering Lincoln University’s MS/ PhD program of behavioral health and clinical psychology. Mark is also a certified peer recovery specialist, recovery coach, and a master reiki teacher.

Burnis Ward

Recovery Coach

Burins Ward is a Recovery Coach with a background in...