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Recovery Support Services

DCRCA’s Peer Operated Center of Excellence (POCE) will provide recovery support services to assist individuals and families to recover from alcohol or drug problems. They include emotional supports, informational supports and social supports. Peer-to-peer recovery support services meet the appropriate needs of people who are seeking to initiate recovery or working to sustain it

Adults with Substance Use Disorder

DCRCA emphasizes a reduction in use and abuse of substances and/or continued abstinence from the negative consequences of substance abuse. It supports the development of social support networks and necessary lifestyle changes, educational skills, vocational skills leading to enhanced self-sufficient lifestyle.

Resource Referrals

DCRCA provides referrals for the following resources to assistance with housing, employment, public assistance, emergency relief, benefits and entitlements, legal services, citizen restoration, educational applications and financial aid, vocational rehabilitation and training.



Mental Health

DCRCA is committed to caring for people with emotional, psychological or chemical dependency disorders. We focus on providing mental and behavioral health care in a therapeutic, professional manner, meeting the needs of our clients.


Community Partnerships

Individuals may need to access supportive services from DCRCA’s community partners that can be of benefit in all stages of one’s recovery journey. Please see a listing of DCRCA’s Community Partnerships.



Family Support Resources

DCRCA is committed to help individuals and families understand their problems and offer new ways of thinking and behaving that result in happier and healthier recovery families. Services will engage the whole family to address interpersonal communication, codependency, conflict, marital issues and concerns, parenting issues, family reunification, and strategies to reduce or minimize the negative effects of substance abuse use on the relationship.

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