Although impaired driving fatalities have been on the decline in the District of Columbia, DCRCA wants to remind you that drunk driving still has real consequences for you, your families, and for others on the roads this holiday season.

If you need help, DCRCA’s recovery coaches are here to guide you toward sobriety.  If you’re not yet at that point, we implore you to take the steps necessary to be safe this holiday season.

  • Make a plan for a safe way home before you attend that office party or holiday event.
  • If you plan on drinking, designate a sober driver ahead of time and leave your keys at home.
  • Call a friend, call a taxi, arrange for an Uber or Lyft, or use a SoberRide service to get home.

Don’t be stubborn.  Don’t be stupid.  Let someone else get you home safely.  The consequences could land you in jail for 180 days on your first offense!